Registration Technologies .US Pricing and Policies


Get America's Domain Name! .US Is HERE!!!

And Registration Technologies, Inc. is ready and able to help you get the name you want! NeuStar, the registry company that manages .US domain names, is conducting a "First Come, First Serve" start-up procedure for .US names. RegistrationTechnologies, Inc. will accept your domain name request now and attempt to register it for you as soon as we can. Here are our policies and pricing for the .US start-up.


.US Domain Name Submission

  • A "submission fee" is a fee paid to send a request for a .US domain name to NeuStar, the .US registry. This is not a registration fee and does not pay for a domain name.
  • We charge a non-refundable submission fee. This fee is paid at the time you request a submission and is not refunded unless, due to our error, your name is not submitted. This fee will not be refunded simply because your name was not selected.
  • We will only accept a name for submittal once. Each submittal we accept will be unique, increasing our ability to secure your names for you. When processing an order, a submittal is never considered accepted or complete until the order has been processed and registered in our database. It is possible that our system will simultaniousely tell two or more customers that any particular submittal is still available, but by the time the end of the ordering processed is reached that submittal is no longer available because it has been taken by another customer.
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we will not place any type of credit hold on your credit card beyond the submission fees and we won't charge you for registration in advance. We will only charge your card for the fees due at submission time.
  • We are not responsible for your typographical and other errors and will neither refund submittal fees nor waive registration fees because you made an error entering your domain names. Please check your names carefully before submitting them. Our order system gives you a chance to make a final review of your order before you place it, so please take advantage of this to double check your names.
  • Once made, a .US name submittal may not be cancelled.
  • Registration Technologies, Inc., shall not be liable for any damages of any type beyond the fee charged for your submittals. We reserve the right to not attempt registration of any name for any reason. If we decide not to attempt registration of your name we will refund your submittal fee. Please see An Important Note About Trademark Domains below for an important detail of this policy.
An Important Note About Sunrise Trademark Domains

During the NeuStar .US "Sunrise" period, trademark holders have an opportunity to register their valid US trademarks as .US domain names. This process will continue through April 16th, 2002. We have no way of knowing what these names are and therefore we can not reject submissions that duplicate these names. Therefore, we remind the customer that we will not be able to register any names that have been registered during the Sunrise period and submittal fees paid for these names are non-refundable.

Further, we caution customers against attempting to register domain names that correspond to famous trade or service marks, regardless of whether this name was registered during the Sunrise period, especially if the intention is to attempt to sell the name to the owner of the mark. Our experience has shown that our customers who do this are often disappointed, as most companies are not receptive to these solicitations and generally have plenty of lawyers. We will not refund any submittal or registration fees for any domains. All submittal and registration fees are non-refundable.

.US Domain Name Registrations

  • We do not guarantee that we will attempt to register names in any particular order, except that we will attempt registration of all names submitted directly to us before attempting to register those provided by any reseller.
  • Registration Fees are fees charged to actually pay for a domain name registration. If we are able to register your submittals, we will charge your card at that time for any registration fees due.
  • Registration fees are due only if we successfully register your domain.
  • You are obligated to pay for each domain you submit if we are able to register it. You may not decide you didn't want that domain after all and not pay for it.
  • Registration fees are completely non-refundable.
  • If we are unable to charge your credit card we will contact you and ask that you provide another or make other arrangements acceptable to us. If you refuse to make acceptable payment arrangements, we will take action to collect this debt. Such action may include canceling, suspending or selling your registration or legal action as we see fit.
  • You agree to pay any and all reasonable costs of any collection activity against you.
  • Registration Technologies, Inc., reserves the right to adjust prices at any time. If we lower registration fees, your fees will be reduced. If we raise them, you will be liable for the higher registration fee only for submittals requested after the fee increase is announced on our website.
  • All submissions and registrations are subject to our registration agreement, available from our home page.



Submission Fees

  • Each submssion will be billed at $2.50 in US Dollars on your credit card at the time you place the submittal.
  • Therefore, 1 submission is $2.50, 5 are $12.50 and 100 are $250.00.
Registration Fees

  • .US Landrush domains are registered for US Dollars 32.00 per year for a minimum of 2 years. Therefore, the minimum registration fee is $64.00 US per domain name.