Free URL Forwarding and Parking With Every Name!

Regtek Forward and Regtek Park: No ads, no hassle and lots of capability

Great service means providing great features! That's why we include top-notch URL forwarding and domain parking with every name at no extra charge. Our services, Regtek Forward and Regtek Park, are easy to use and offer powerful capabilities. Other registrars and ISPs either charge annual fees for this or else surround your site with annoying flashy ads and popup windows. We do neither.

Regtek Park gives you a choice of parking pages while Regtek Forward offers an array of features including ghosting, search engines support and multiple subdomains.

Redirect Your Domain To Your Web Space From Your ISP

Regtek Forward lets you redirect your domain to any other URL on the Internet. Do you have a free homepage from your ISP? If so, the link to that page is probably something like:

That's not very memorable and not very easy to type. With Regtek Forward on the job, all any visitor to your site needs to type is the normal They will be taken right to your site with no delay and no distracting ads and popups. Want to see how it works? This link is forwarded right back to this page of our site. Try it for yourself:

Ghosting, Masking and Stealth

With many URL forwarding services, the visitor who’s been redirected will see the link they have been redirected to. Sometimes this is desirable, such as when you have many domains pointed to a single web site. Sometimes, however, it is not. If your link is one of the long, convoluted ones like the example we showed you earlier, you probably don't want your visitors to see it.

That’s where ghosting comes into play. Also referred to as "masking" and "stealth" ghosting allows you to hide the target link from your visitors. When they hit your forwarded domain, the domain name will still be shown in their browser's URL window. You can specify any title for your site you like and it will be displayed in their browsers title bar. This link ( uses Regtek Forward to redirect you to our site, but with ghosting enabled. When you click it, watch the URL name and the title to see how this works.

Search Engine Keywords and Descriptions

Search engines use a variety of methods to index the Internet and one of these includes examining a site for META tags. Two META tags of particular interest to search engines are the KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION tags. Keywords are used to help a search engine decide when to show your link to a searcher and description is used to tell the searcher what to find on your site.

We allow you to provide both keywords and a description to help search engines properly index and display your site.

Lots of Sub Domains

A "subdomain" is the part of a URL that is to the left of the actual domain. For example, in "www" is the subdomain. You may wish to have many subdomains for your domain, each of which points to a different part of the same site or even to a different site entirely. If you have a family site on which each member has his or her own page, you could provide a subdomain for each person. If you operate a small business with several different products or services you may wish to have a subdomain for each of them.

However you choose to use them, Regtek Forward provides as many subdomains as you need.

Regtek Park: Flexible Parking With a Choice of Pages

For customers who prefer to park their domain pages we offer Regtek Park. This is a parking service. Visitors to your domain will be shown a one-page site. You may select from a "Coming Soon" page or a "This Domain For Sale" page.